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Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. Beyond Alchemy is more than that. It’s about discovery. It is about experience. It is about the order and chaos that brought us here. Beyond Alchemy is Making Sense‘s podcast in which greater speakers tell extraordinary stories of the technology world. There is no software without experience and we build software people love with unique stories behind it. Now you can hear them!.
This podcast goes from the conception of the idea to the exit, at each stage of this journey we have the right person to answer the questions you may be asking yourself.
Listen Beyond Alchemy! Are you ready to bring your business to the next level ?


Don’t miss out on our newest episodes! Welcome to Making Sense’s podcast. In this season we dive deep into the journey from ideation to exit. Join us bi-weekly on Thursdays for insightful conversations with successful entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the technology world.

Beyond Alchemy Ep01
Season 1 - EP 01

The Conception of the Idea

In this episode, our host explores ideation, evaluating and refining ideas to ensure viability. Our experienced guests Antony Brydon and Jeff Patterson explain this in five phases, answering questions such as how to identify opportunities, develop ideas, and validate testing. We also discuss about the importance of product-market fit and future trends related to the conception of ideas, innovation and more.

Beyond Alchemy Ep02
Season 1 - EP 02

Competitive Advantage

Tim Sutton, a seasoned brand strategist and entrepreneur shares insights on how companies can achieve competitive advantage by prioritizing the customer perspective. Through real-world examples, Tim highlights the significance of understanding the needs and wants of the target audience and how companies can leverage that knowledge to differentiate themselves in the market.

Beyond Alchemy Ep03
Season 1 - EP 03

Driving Momentum through Design

Join our host and special guest Skylar Roebuck in exploring how to drive momentum through design. We discuss the post-pandemic digital industry, new delivery models, and the power of storytelling through design and product. Discover emerging technologies like Adobe, Sketch, and Figma, and the metaverse’s evolution from 2D to 3D models in this exciting episode.

Beyond Alchemy Ep04
Season 1 - EP 04

Cracking the Fundraising Code: Insights from Industry Insiders

Delve into the world of fundraising with expert Hung Nguyen on this captivating podcast journey! Discover the secrets of financials, investment, and fundraising. Learn about various types of fundraising and get a sneak peek into the future with cutting-edge tools. Leave inspired with practical advice! Don’t miss this must-listen episode packed with valuable insights!

Beyond Alchemy Ep05
Season 1 - EP 05

Unleashing Growth: Maximizing Potential After Securing Funding

Uncover secrets of business growth post-funding. Join a captivating journey with guest Peter Yobo. Navigate entrepreneurship’s rollercoaster, sharing experiences, revealing overlooked truths. Delve into growth’s dimensions, uncover challenges, expose mistakes. Understand industry’s importance, explore innovation, gain insights, unlock potential in this transformative episode.

Beyond Alchemy Background
Season 1 - EP 06

Mastering Business Exits: Insights and Strategies for Future Success

Industry expert Julie Keyes reveals exit challenges for owners. Explore readiness, gradual exit misconceptions, and future landscape insights. Gain valuable tips on growth planning, culture, alignment, and assessing value. Empower your financial future.

Beyond Alchemy Ep07
Season 1 - EP 07

Mastering the M&A Maze: Insights, Challenges, and Future Trends

Join us as Lindsey Wendler, Managing Director at Dresner Partners Investment Banking, shares valuable insights into the world of business exits, including the emotional aspects, common challenges, market trends, and the role of technology. Gain valuable insights for successful business exits.

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We are strategic thinkers. The perfect blend between reason and passion.

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About the host

Mariano is a seasoned and very creative project/product specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the software industry. He provides strategic advice and execution for middle-market companies and private equity firms portfolio in the path to create new value from technology enablement. He has the ability to materialize any business goal in a clear and feasible product roadmap.